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To us, your growth is the most important thing. We love designing unique opportunities for you to grow in your practice and in your life.

BIG Adventures

Your time on your BIG Adventure will leave you nothing short of transformed. We have reinvented the yoga retreat and created something that will change what vacationing means to you. We know that taking the time to restore, reconnect, and most importantly, and have FUN is the most essential part of living a fulfilling life, and showing up big for others. BIG Adventures are not a means to “escape” your day-to-day life; they are an integral part of living your biggest life possible. You will practice yoga, meditate, do self-inquiry work, connect with amazing new friends, and find yourself in places, conversations, and experiences that surprise and transform you. Each BIG Adventure is uniquely crafted based on the location, time of year, the leaders, and the attendees.

40 Days to Your Personal Revolution

This is a BIG Program that we host twice yearly. You will practice yoga, meditate, eat mindfully, do personal inquiry, connect with a like-minded community, and have a whole lot of fun. The 40 Days exists for you to understand how powerful you are and to support you in reaching new levels of health and aliveness in your life.

Our 40 Days Programs begin in September and January

registration opens august 1

upcoming Workshops

Intermediate / Advanced Asana Intensive with Sarah Martin

Join Sarah Martin for a monthly Intermediate / Advanced Asana Group Practice Intensive. These intensives will incorporate hard work, demonstration, and discussion, and are built to help students who have a strong, committed asana practice of at least one year explore deeper postures to advance their practice in a challenging, safe, and playful way. Sarah will be practicing with the group so the level of instruction is different and the shakti, or energy, may be deeper because of it.
Please note: these intensives are NOT for students new to yoga. Sarah advises that you see your practice clearly and only attend if you do indeed fit the following prerequisites: Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel) unassisted, Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) at the wall, Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand) at the wall, Sirsasana (headstand) at the wall. Salamba Sirsasana (shoulderstand) experience recommended. Sense of humor and ability to laugh at oneself required.

Sundays 4:00 - 6:00 pm

August 27th, September 17th, October 22nd, November 19th, December 17th | $20 Member / $25 Non-Members | 12:00 - 2:00 pm 

Location: BIG Memorial

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