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Sanskrit Module One with Manorama

“Module 1 is an immersion into to Sanskrit and gives students the ability to work confidently with mantras and to live along side yogic principles.” ~ Manorama

This course is an immersion into the Sanskrit language through the study of the Sanskrit alphabet, including asana names, select mantras, and Luminous Soul Meditation and principles.

You’ll learn:

proper pronunciation of the entire Sanskrit alphabet, giving you confidence to chant mantras and speak asana names with ease;
why Sanskrit mantras are healing for the listener;
the unique Sanskrit Studies Method of learning Sanskrit;
to immerse in the Luminous Soul Meditation practice, which teaches you how to soothe the mind and return it to a natural energized peaceful state, no matter the challenge;
and develop authentic insight into why Sanskrit is called the language of vibration and why that’s important.

Elements of the course include:

proper pronunciation of select sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet;
understanding breath and its place in your yogic practice as well as in chanting Sanskrit mantras;
practicing the Luminous Soul Meditation to help you access peace at any time;
becoming skilled in chanting two select mantras that are popular in yoga classes around the world;
getting practice reading the Sanskrit letters in their original form, called devanagari, as well as in the transliteration script.

You’ll leave this Sanskrit Studies Method workshop feeling more confident and knowledgeable in your understanding of Sanskrit and how to incorporate the Sanskrit Studies Method into your life. Great for Yoga Teachers and students interested in deepening their knowledge of Yoga.

When: Friday, March 23rd 6:00-8:30 PM / Saturday, March 24 9:00-3:30 PM

(one hour break for lunch on Saturday)

Location: BIG Montrose

Investment: $200 for tuition + $25 for course materials = $225 total

Cancellation Policy: Payments for workshops presented by visiting teachers are refundable only if cancellation is made a minimum of 72 hours before the beginning of the program. After 72 hours before the beginning of the program, no refunds will be given.

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Journey Into Chakras with Janan Araujo-Siam

Join Baptiste Certified instructor Janan Araujo-Siam in this two part workshop to learn all about the chakras and energetic anatomy through the lens of Baptiste Yoga. You will discover the magic and power of your subtle body through asana, meditation, and inquiry. Not only will you learn the details about the chakras, you’ll also learn how to apply that knowledge to being in total creation of your life and on and off the mat.

In this workshop you will leave with a rich understanding of your yogic subtle body, aka your energetic anatomy.You will gain a deep knowledge of how your subtle body functions on your mat in the JIP/yoga poses and off your mat in your life.You will learn how to translate your knowledge to make an impact on your practice, relationships, and leadership skills. You will overall appreciate and understand the layers of your being to have access in any moment to the awe of your existence and your tangible, personal power.

When: Saturday and Sunday, March 17th and 18th 1:00-6:00 PM

Location: BIG Montrose

Investment: $130 for members / $150 for non-members

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40 Days Workshop: Headstands! with Janan Araujo-Siam

In this workshop, you will learn everything there is to know about basic headstand set up: best practices, what to avoid, and surrounding exercises to prepare your body to take headstand. Headstand can seem like an intimidating pose and Janan will break it down so it is accessible and lighthearted. Also, those with a current headstand practice will gain tools to strengthening and expanding their headstand practice in exciting and challenging ways. Janan will also teach several variations on headstand for even more fun.

When: Sunday, February 18th 1:30-3:00 PM

Location: BIG Montrose

Investment: Free for 40 Days participants / $25 for members / $30 for non-members

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40 Days Workshop: Arm Balances with Janan Araujo-Siam

Whether you have never attempted an arm balance or you do them all the time, this workshop will help out all levels of practitioners. For arm-balance-beginners, you will learn the basic building blocks of each arm balance variation to be able to successfully experience your first step into flying high. For arm-balance-regulars, you will learn exercises to strengthen your current poses, new arm balances, and how to fly even higher in your arm balance. Everyone will leave the workshop with the wisdom of how and where to include arm balances in their normal yoga practices. Plus, we will do all this in the most fun way possible! In an hour and a half, you'll learn the basics and fine-tunings of: crow, side crow, koundinyasana I and II, eight-angle, and peacock. If time allows, you can ask how to do any arm balance you'd like to learn.

When: Saturday, February 17th 2:00-3:30 PM

Location: BIG Memorial

Investment: Free for 40 Days participants / $25 for members / $30 for non-members

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Workshops & Adventures

To us, your growth is the most important thing. We love designing unique opportunities for you to grow in your practice and in your life.

Live Alive Adventures

Your time on your adventure with Live Alive will leave you nothing short of transformed. We have reinvented the yoga retreat and created something that will change what vacationing means to you. We know that taking the time to restore, reconnect, and most importantly, and have FUN is the most essential part of living a fulfilling life, and showing up big for others. Live Alive Adventures are not a means to “escape” your day-to-day life; they are an integral part of living your biggest life possible. You will practice yoga, meditate, do self-inquiry work, connect with amazing new friends, and find yourself in places, conversations, and experiences that surprise and transform you. Each Live Alive Adventure is uniquely crafted based on the location, time of year, the leaders, and the attendees.

40 Days to Your Personal Revolution

This is a BIG Program that we host twice yearly. You will practice yoga, meditate, eat mindfully, do personal inquiry, connect with a like-minded community, and have a whole lot of fun. The 40 Days exists for you to understand how powerful you are and to support you in reaching new levels of health and aliveness in your life.

Our 40 Days Programs begin in September and January

registration opens January 2018