BIG Power Yoga


Our trainings are for people who want to have radical breakthroughs in how they show up in their own lives and how they show up for others.

The BIG Teacher Empowerment Program- 200 Hour Teacher Training

The BIG Teacher Empowerment Program is about being up to something bigger than yourself. It is a highly sought-after, fully comprehensive, and exceptionally impactful 200-hour, Yoga Alliance approved program. TEP is not simply a yoga teacher training; it is a leadership training that will empower you to show up bigger in every area of your life. You will leave our program ready to lead a powerful vinyasa practice to anyone, anywhere. Our commitment is in fully supporting you every step along the way in becoming the teacher you are capable of becoming.

Next program dates:

Next Houston TEP: October 27th 2023

Both of these offerings are in person!

Click registration link for dates, times, and other details.

The BIG Upgrade is a unique 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training designed to cultivate your leadership, teaching, asana practice and knowledge, and contemplative skills to enable you to grow in the direction you choose in your life and your yoga path.

You will step into the world of mastery and ownership in your teaching and leading through expanding your knowledge, elevating your effectiveness, and discovering and cultivating your own strengths. You will emerge as a leader in your own natural expression, fulfilling on the legacy you want to leave and the impact you are committed to making.

We will dive deeply into yoga philosophy, vinyasa sequencing, meditation, inner work, pranayama, advanced postures, developing and leading your own impactful content and work, cultivating community and service.

To participate, you must meet the following requirements:

200 hour registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance

100 hours or more of teaching experience

A regular, committed yoga practice

Next program: TBA. Please keep checking back!

Own It is an online yoga teacher development and continuing education series from BIG at Home. We created Own It to support your growth and development after your 200hr yoga teacher training.

The intention of this series is to support you stepping into your leadership and offering as a teacher during this unprecedented time in our world.

Own It will address what is important right now and will support you in artfully, powerfully, and easefully using your unique gifts to make the difference you want to make in the world.

Begins July 13th 2023. Please click the registration and information button for more information.

BIG SUP Yoga Teacher Training

BIG SUP Yoga happens in Steamboat, Colorado. Please check back for the dates of our next training.

Our program is designed to get you out of your script and your comfort zone as a teacher and to have you create from what’s right in front of you. By the nature of teaching on a SUP board, you’ll empower others to explore new possibilities in their practice and their lives. Our training covers SUP Yoga equipment; basic paddling skills; how to set up your SUP Yoga “studio”; how to structure a SUP Yoga class; SUP pose variations; the distinctions of teaching SUP Yoga; how to create a SUP Yoga community; and the business of SUP Yoga.

BIG Kids Yoga Teacher Training

BIG Kids Yoga empowers the next generation in growing up with greater mindfulness, self-confidence, compassion, and creativity. BIG Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a weekend-long, 25-hour program designed for anyone who is inspired by what’s possible through kids engaging in yoga. Get ready to climb into your time machine, head back to your childhood, and rediscover yoga and its poses through play, exploration, creativity and imagination. Learn how be in your full self-expression and relate to kids on their level so that you can teach them yoga poses, breath and meditation in a powerful and fun way. You will graduate with a Certificate of Completion from BIG Kids Yoga and all of the tools you need to teach a kids yoga class for ages ranging from 2 to 16 years old. No prior yoga teaching certification is required.