Nancy Perry

Houston - Montrose

Who Nancy Is For You

Nancy creates a completely welcoming environment, loving and accepting of all who choose to come. Through offering a challenging practice that is based in the freedom of choice, she creates a space where people can discover they are more powerful than they know.

She provides a sweaty and physically challenging experience from a context of inclusion and authenticity, delivering a class that provides everything her students need. She is committed to creating a a reliable experience that exceeds expectations for students at all levels.

You will always leave Nancy's class with a tool to take into your real life, in addition to feeling powerful, strong, and restored.

About Nancy

Nancy has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and brings all of her experience from being an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, and a committed student of life into her teaching.

Nancy is the co-founder and co-owner of BIG Power Yoga, Out Here Yoga, and Live Alive Adventures. She is a Lightyear Leadership Senior Faculty Member, a writer, a wife, and a mother. She is a college drop-out turned entrepreneur, and credits her mistakes and failures as her greatest teachers, along with Susanne Conrad, Justin Perry, Emerson Perry, and Bowen Perry!

What Nancy's Students Say

I’m crying just thinking about writing this. That’s how much of an impact Nancy Perry has had on my life. Nancy Perry is my friend, and Nancy Perry is my teacher.

I remember the first time I ever took Nancy’s class. I walked in apprehensively and had no idea she was the owner of BIG (FYI, she is). She said something beautifully eloquent to begin our practice, and I thought to myself, “Who the heck is this woman?” (Apparently, the owner of BIG). I was immediately hooked on her words… until she held us in Warrior 1 for one million breaths and decided to assist my knee forward for all one million of those seconds. I cried.

It was the first time in my adult life that someone had asked me to physically step up, step forward, and lean fiercely into my capability. Since then, she has continued to make me incredibly uncomfortable, pushing my limits, empowered me to step up into my life, told me “I’m here for you,” and proved it.

She has walked beside me as I healed heartbreak, taught me the power of physical touch, navigated the tuk tuks of India with me, and shown me that I’m strong and can hold a handstand in the middle of the room, if that’s what I want. She continues to teach me that transformation does not always have to be heavy – laughter and humor are great companions. She has shown me how to communicate clearly and kindly to myself, to people, to project teams, ridding my life of anxiety and a very real fear of public speaking. She has reignited in me a joy of learning – that there is nothing wrong with being a beginner at something again. And now, because of all of this, she has placed me in the seat of a teacher, despite my persistent resistance to it.

To look back on the growth that has happened over the past three years of my life, really due to her guidance and friendship, astounds me. I am 100% a new person. And that’s really, from my experience, what yoga does –it asks you to show up, with all your baggage, and slowly unpacks that bag, layer by layer. We get to sit on the floor, with all our things and figure out what to take with us and what to leave behind. From my experience with Nancy, unpacking is much more fun with a friend. If you unpack with her, she will ask you to let go of what’s heavy, and in return, you’ll gain a heck of a six pack!

Nancy came into my life with power and grace and a very keen spiritual wisdom. She has given me a community and a sense of belonging here in Houston. She has taught me the art of listening to my body and also the art of listening to my spirit, how to simply listen with ease and then move powerfully into action from there. Nancy Perry is my friend, and Nancy Perry is my teacher. She has shown me that it’s the people with the most love, not the most information, that will influence you to change. I will be infinitely grateful.

-Adriana O

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