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Who Bhavin Is For You

Bhavin is committed to elevating the experience of anyone in his class or life, to the best that it can be in each moment. This is consistently clear by his genuine attentiveness and attention, and heart felt desire to deeply connect with each one of us.

About Bhavin

Bhavin fulfills on this commitment by first: holding space for our greatness, using the gift of teaching yoga, breathwork, music, inspired thought, philosophy, art, photography, counseling, coaching, and his gift of healing touch.

What Bhavin's Students Say

For over two years, I have had the honor of attending Bhavin’s Thursday night yoga class, missing only on rare occasions when I am out-of-town. Each and every class is a special occasion. This is because Bhavin is a rare and exceptional yoga teacher – as well as a warm human being with a huge heart.

The primary reason I am drawn to his classes is that they serve as a spiritual compass for me. The space that Bhavin creates each week is intentional, yet organic and natural. It is a space in which I can truly check in with myself: my compassion, my connection to purpose, and my relationship with myself and others. It is a healing space that feeds my soul and inspires me.

I attend many yoga classes that serve me physically, and I love these classes as well. However, in Bhavin’s class, I am served on spiritual, emotional, and relational planes as well. His energy creates a binding force among the many participants in the class, and we connect on a collective level through that energy. And, yes, we sweat our asses off too! Love is the centering force in all of his classes – it is palpable. It is the love, and the joy, that keeps me coming back! Bhavin is a gem!

- Shawn W.

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