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To us, your growth is the most important thing. We love designing unique opportunities for you to grow in your practice and in your life.

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January 20th - February 28th 2020

In 40 Days: YES! you learn the tools and practices that give you access to operating from a higher frequency in life--the frequency of YES! This program isn’t about simply saying “yes”, it’s about being a YES! You will gain clarity about what you want in life, the ability to say no when you need to, and the power to move beyond the ordinary resistances that hold you back. From the frequency of YES, you experience freedom from fear, comparison and expectation, as well as the freedom to be in action, to express yourself fully and to fulfill on what’s important to you, regardless of the circumstances. Inside of this world, you will discover that you have the choice and the ability to be joyful, have fun and make a difference.


Yoga practice 6 days a week
One group meeting a week
Daily Meditation
Mindful eating
Read "40 Days to Personal Revolution" by Baron Baptiste


Registration for this program is FREE. You simply must pay for your yoga. The best way to do this is to become a BIG Auto-Renew Member for $120/month.

New to Big?

Are you brand new to BIG and wanting to jump into the 40 Days? Your first month at the studio is only $50 If you purchase our Biggest Month Ever!

Warm Your Holidays

Join in on our 2019 yoga challenge!

Registration is open now

November 29th - January 1st

Commit to your practice and experience your warmest holiday season yet full of love, connection, and fun! Through the heat of a consistent practice, you will gain access to burning away anything that would keep you from experiencing your best holiday and create space for what matters most. Tap into the power of community through contributing to others and allowing yourself to be contributed to! With three levels of participation to choose from, there is a sweaty option for everyone!

From Black Friday to New Years Day, commit to any of the following levels of participation:

Warm Level: 10 Practices at BIG
Hot Level: 20 Practices at BIG
Lit Level: 30 or more Practices at BIG

Program Notes

-Commit to a level of participation (Warm, Hot, Lit!)--NO NEED TO TELL US WHICH ONE.
-Participation in program is FREE!
-You commit to completing a certain total number of practice over the course of the program--no weekly minimum requirement to allow for holiday travel.
-Double practices in one day ARE allowed!
-If you get behind you can either "double up" or simply change your level of participation, i.e. plan to do the Lit Level and actually complete 25 practices and still "win" at the Hot Level.
-Conversely, you could plan to do the Warm Level and exceed your plan and complete the Lit Level!

New to Big?

Are you brand new to BIG and wanting to jump into the 40 Days? Your first month at the studio is only $50 If you purchase our Biggest Month Ever!

I loved the accountability aspect. I think it made me more accountable in other parts of my life too. I loved committing to this program and committing to so much more because of it as well. Yay BIG! Yay 40 Days!
- Hadley McClellan

I love the BIG community. 40 Days is a nice ice breaker to meet neighbors in class and to bond with each other. This community is one of the most accepting and loving communities I have ever been a part of and I love how they encourage everyone to be their true authentic selves! It’s also really nice to have the instructor’s really want to get to know the people in their classes. It’s always nice to go where people know your name!
-Meagan McCormack

Being new to yoga, 40 Days gave me the confidence to practice. Because BIG is a friendly studio, I was able to work through my yoga fears and try new things. Going to meetings opened my eyes to all of the other newcomers, so I felt part of the community.
-Kristen Wachsmann

The best part of the 40 Days was the community I was able to gain. It is difficult for me to ask and accept help but the Facebook group and outside activities really gave me the chance to “lean in” and experience this program fully!
- Mary Clara Musgrove

I enjoyed setting personal goals and acheieving them in the group meetings. I was so excited to be able to do some poses that I had not been able to do in the past. I loved meeting all the people in the meetings and being inspired by their goals and hopes. Overall, it was an amazing experience that I wish I could give to my family and friends!
- Mari Veldekens