BIG Power Yoga



TRANSFORM is BIG’s 6-week program that will reignite your whole being--body, mind, and spirit--reconnecting you to your best, most vibrant version of yourself. You will shed what has felt heavy and emerge feeling light, strong, and free. You will remember what it feels like to be inspired by yourself and deeply connected to the power of community.

This season, our theme is "Your Way."

This theme is about discovering and forging your own path forward in the world in ways that inspire you. Together, we'll explore tools for creating your one precious life instead of having it created for you. You will discover what it means to you to be connected to your best self in a way that also helps you see and bring out the best in others. We'll look at how to navigate roadblocks to living an authentic life, how to love yourself and others even when you sense judgment or resistance, and how to trust and hear your inner wisdom and take action, clearing the way to your dreams.

Through a consistent and powerful physical yoga practice, daily meditation and journaling, dynamic weekly group discussion sessions, and the power of coming together, we will all emerge connected to what is possible for us as individuals and our communities. So join us for six weeks of a whole lot of sweat, deep breaths, laughter, and transformation. We begin Monday, January 23rd.

Before the program starts, you'll be put on a team with a Team Leader so that you can be 100% supported and encouraged! The TRANSFORM teams serve as your resource for any questions, engagement, and a fun (and totally optional) team-vs-team competition!


💥 Complete 4 or more Yoga asana practices at BIG and/or BIG@Home per week (regular classes)
👯 Attend 1 group meeting - The group meetings will be focused on the theme for each week and the tools that have it come alive in your life!
🧘 Daily journaling and meditation
🥳 Optional: attend as many community events as you'd like, all hosted by your Team Leaders!
✅ *Please note that in order to progress into the next week of the program, you must complete the attendance requirements (we'll be keeping track!). OF COURSE you can travel while in the program as we have virtual Yoga via BIG@Home for you to enjoy. We've found that these requirements support you in expanding the possibility around finishing the whole thing!


In-Person at BIG Houston
Monday 5:30-6:30 PM with Janan
Thursday 10:15-11:15 AM with Nancy
Thursday 5:15-6:15 PM with Nancy

In-Person at BIG Denver
Mondays 8-9 PM with Emily

BIG@Home (Virtual)
Friday 12-1 PM CT with Mallory Littell
Sunday 3:30-4:30 PM CT with Gayatri Parikh


FREE! You just pay for your yoga!


What if I'm traveling?
PERFECT! With the addition of BIG@Home, you can practice with us virtually either live or on Demand while you're away in the regular classes and via the group meeting offered on BIG@Home. Everyone in TRANSFORM will have access to our BIG@Home!

Click here to add a BIG on Demand class as one or more of your week's class requirements.

What if I miss my weekly requirement(s)?
We will only be tracking class and weekly meeting attendance -- the other requirements are on the honor system! You must complete 4 classes in a week and your weekly group meeting to progress each week -- and just talk to us! If there is an extenuating circumstance, we are always on your side! ❤️

If I sign up and invest the $75, how do I access classes 4x/week?
You simply pay for your yoga as you would to attend regularly. We offer our drop-ins and membership on a Choose-What-You-Pay model. Drop-ins = $10-40 ; Unlimited Membership = $100-200/mo. Sign up for the program then visit your preferred location's pricing page!