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Raghunath Cappo

Raghunath Cappo / E-RYT 500, YAECP
In his teens, Raghunath started a punk/hardcore band called Youth of Today, which championed the principles of clean living, vegetarian diet, and self-control. After amassing a worldwide following and starting a record label, he recognized there was a growing void in his heart he knew only Spirit could fill. After leaving the band and the label he got into spirituality, metaphysics, and mysticism; the teachings of India drove him East and at age 22, he ended up on an ashram floor in the holy village of Vrindavan. Raghunath remained a monk in an ashram for six and a half years and now, many years later, teaches how to incorporate everything he learned into everyday life. Presently Raghu is married with 5 kids and co-founded Supersoul Yoga and Farm with his wife where he leads yoga teacher trainings. Every year he leads pilgrimages to his favorite cities & villages around India. He prays that he can give his students the life-altering truths of the yoga system that he has learned from his gracious teachers.