Meet the BIG Support

Meet G's Support Staff - Nancy Perry!!
G, here, writing the BIG Support column today.  I want you to know I could write this column on each and every one of you, as you support me every single day, and I am so grateful for you.
And, I am choosing to write today about Nancy Perry.  Nancy has supported me so much in my life.  I met her at a 1 bedroom yoga studio called Yoga Ananda when I was 24 (about to be 36 soon, and so is Nance!).  I had just started my career in the non-profit world, and I was anxious all the time. Yoga was my life-line. It was natural to move over to BIG years later when it opened, and Yoga Ananda closed.  And, I'll never forget walking into BIG having Nancy check me in on a notepad remembering my name.  Like so many of you, I fell in love with BIG and yoga so hard.  Nearly a year later, I was at my own TEP open house, about to come onto the BIG team full-time as a manager and to run the Kids Yoga program, and I told Nancy, "I know this is my path, and I know you are my people."  And, it's still true.
And because Nancy (and Laura, and so many others - could write a novel) were a yes for me as a leader at BIG, I grew in ways I could have never imagined. I got an MBA on the court working with Mallory, Nathan, and Nick in the role of Community Director, and growing BIG Memorial with y'all from a baby to a thriving location. I have had the BEST education in personal development, asana, and facilitation.  And, the most meaningful thing to me, is I've gotten to touch more lives than I could have ever imagined I could make a difference for.
Last year, when I decided to leave my full-time role at BIG after 6 years full-time and just teach and try my hand in a different industry, Nancy sent me a birthday present with a card that said "Who you are for me is so much more than any role."
And when I called her to say I wanted to come back, she said, "YAY!  This is the best phone call ever.  You are definitely a pick for my dream team," which is exactly what Laura said to me in 2013 when I first admitted there was nowhere else I wanted to work.
Nancy - you are an example to me every day of the strength of unconditional love.  I see you forgive, surrender, love, empower, and understand everyone, and inside of who you are, so many people grow and thrive in ways that are correct for them.  
I am more proud of you (and Laura and the BIG team) than ever before - using the BIG platform to take on real and important issues in the world, to serve our local communities, and to commit to continue to serve a global community online that we never even anticipated we would serve.
It's an honor to work with you, for you, and to be your friend.