The Live BIG Program

The Live BIG Program empowers you to live your biggest life possible. You immerse yourself in a training and development program with the BIG studio team that includes:

1) Learning leadership and communication skills to empower you in your life,
2) Practicing yoga at least three times a week, and
3) Serving at our yoga studios for 4 hours a week to support studio operations (making lavender eye towels, sweep and mop studios, clean bathrooms, and do laundry). As a Live BIG participant, you will gain the tools to create the lives you want and the world you want to live in.

Promise of the Live BIG Program:

The Live BIG program will give you leadership and communication skills that empower you to live your biggest life possible. Additionally, you will have a breakthrough in being someone who empowers others to live their biggest lives possible,. You will practice living from our core values--empowerment, possibility, integrity, community and fun. As a result, you will be someone who is contributing their unique gifts to the world, disrupting the status-quo, and making a difference for others.

Pre-requisite of the Program:

Completion the BIG New Student Special, and practice at least 10 times during those initial 30 days.