BIG Power Yoga


Live online with Nancy Perry

Are you ready to create and live a life that finally feels fully authentic to you? To deeply know that you are creating a life that is meaningful, abundant, and fulfilling? If you can sense it’s time for a new season for you yet need new tools, a supportive group of folks, and a new state of consciousness to get there, this 6-session program is for you. You get to say what your biggest life looks like- your health, your wealth, your contribution, and your relationships. We will help you see it and give you the tools to create it.

Alongside your cohort, you will discover:

- An inspiring, energizing vision and purpose for your whole life that gives you clarity **today**
- Simple and profound tools to be able to trust yourself and remove the discord from your life so you can experience harmony and happiness every day
- How to set clear and loving boundaries for yourself that support you in being your best for yourself and the people you care about most
- Your unique strengths and gifts and how to spend more time utilizing them so you can generate more fulfillment and abundance for yourself and others
- The secrets to thriving in your life, rather than “dealing with” the day-to-day
- Concrete tools for leading others and bringing your goals to fruition, whether you are the overt leader or not
- An amazing community of folks who are up to living ***their*** biggest lives!

Schedule: January 19 - March 1

10-11:30am CST on Fridays, live on Zoom

Jan 19
Jan 26
Feb 2
Feb 9
Feb 16
March 1

Program price: $1,250 for all 6 sessions

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