Bigger Than BIG! Member Spotlight


This week we are spotlighting our amazing community member, Nathassia Corzo. She competed BIG TEP in 2017 and has recently been an impactful contributor to our Anti-Raciscm Committee Meetings over the past few months.  Her insight, ideas, and contributions are radically changing how we operate as a company and we are so thankful for her on many levels, especially to be able to provide her a platform to take action around activism for racial and social justice.  Read more about her here:


“Hi! My name is Nathassia Corzo! I am Venezuelan American and proud Latina. I grew up in Florida and have been living in Texas now for almost fourteen years! I moved to Houston from Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) with my husband back in 2013. I immediately felt at home in Houston, more so than at any time living in DFW or Florida. When living in DFW I started practicing yoga at a Baptiste studio. Before making the big move to Houston I asked for yoga studio recommendations and BIG was one of them. I remember visiting BIG’s website and feeling terrified as I told myself: This place is going to transform my life (insert emoji with hands clasping my cheeks). It took me almost two years to work up the courage to walk through the doors of BIG Montrose around Thanksgiving 2014. After that I took a few classes during the holidays and signed up for 40 Days in January the following year. I have been practicing at BIG ever since!


Outside my life at BIG I am an engineer, wife, and doggie mom to a spirited and loving rescue Chihuahua. Fun fact, my husband and I are both Chemical Engineers and we met at University of South Florida when we were working on our Bachelor’s degree. We were lab partners before we started dating. I love this about us 😊 


Through 40 Days and the Lightyear body of work taught by Nancy Perry at BIG I discovered my passion for wine! In fact, it inspired a career change, and you could also say a lifestyle change. Over the last three years I have been working my way through several wine certifications. I am WSET Award in Wine Level 1 and 2 certified and I am a Level 3 candidate. I took my exam back in August and I am awaiting the results. I even took a sabbatical from engineering in fall 2018 and moved to Washington state for three months where I worked harvest at a winery. Yes, I got to make wine! I want to acknowledge my husband Tim for encouraging and supporting me every step of the way, without him this would not have been possible. It was by far one of the most adventurous, fun, exciting, and challenging experiences I have had in my life! And I love that it is a chapter of my life story. 


Another chapter of my life I am working on is my activism for racial and social justice. I am a stand for creating a future where BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and all marginalized people experience freedom in all areas of their lives in every moment of their lives. I am committed to showing up in all areas of my life from this stand. Showing up for others in this way is continuously pulling out of me what I did not even know was there; the human being I was always meant to be.”


Follow Nathassia Corzo on IG @nathassiacorzo


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