BIG Employee Spotlight

Gioconda Parker

1. Show and tell us about anything - anything in your life you love/find interesting/what's on your docket lately!


This is Ash—short for Ashwaganda—he is a miniature Australian Shepherd and I get to bring him home on Monday!!! He’s my first puppy, and if anyone out there has any wisdom to share on raising a pup, I’m all ears!

2. Your book/show recommendation!

Devouring this book right now:


And on the fiction side, I just finished The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. Loved it.


3. Any advice based on your job or living of life outside of practicing/teaching yoga?

Advice from my other job as a somatic therapist:

Taking just five minutes to settle your nervous system at intervals throughout the day will not only help you accomplish more—it will also help you make better decisions. As we become more resilient, we can feel more, see more and do more for ourselves and for our communities. Just pause, rest your hand on your heart and breathe until you feel that. Then look around, see, hear, smell and taste the moment. Savor it. Then do the next thing. Simple reset. Repeat as needed. ❤️