BIG Employee Spotlight

Andrea Peeler
Question 1: Show and tell us about anything - anything in your life you love/find interesting/what's on your docket lately!

I’m so in love with my latest addition to my little family and her name is Wilma! She is a rescue pup from K-9 Angels and she only has three legs. I started out fostering her during the quarantine and ended up adopting her after she stole my heart. Her big brother, Tilden, is happy to have a companion as well. She taught herself how to go up and down the stairs, loves to run on the beach and is the best cuddle buddy! 🐾💗🐾

Question 2: What's your current book/show recommendation?

Journey To The Heart by Melody Beattie of course. Every time I open it up I find something I need to hear! This book gives me great guidance and inspiration! I love it!❤️

Question 3: Any advice based on your job or living of life outside of teaching yoga?

What I experienced and learned when I was at Level 2 with the Baptiste Institute was that when we share our full selves with others and don’t hide things about ourselves, we open ourselves up to being fully loved and accepted. Being seen, accepted and loved as my whole, imperfect self was the best feeling in the world! Our willingness to be vulnerable allows us to access unconditional love and helps others to be more open as well.🧘🏻‍♀️✌🏻🧡