BIG Employee Spotlight

Cassie Hurst

Show and tell us about anything - anything in your life you love/find interesting/what's on your docket lately!
Our puppy, Cosmo!! The biggest thing has been adjusting to the unknown and starting from scratch.  We adopted her when she was 5 weeks old and now that she is 11 weeks old, we have all finally gotten the hang of it.  She's doing great and just a bundle of fun and spunk.  She slept through the night for the first time last night which is a major puppy-parent win!  It has been a time of growth for all 3 of us and now we are so proud of how far we and Cosmo have come and to see the results of our work.  It was so unexpected and fulfilling! 
Bonus question: How did she get her name?  We wanted a non-human name that was also not an obvious physical trait.  We also wanted a character reference as we are huge into TV and Movies.  We considered "Kiddo" (from Kill Bill), "Ripley" (from Alien) and then we came across "Cosmo" (from Seinfeld) whose character is a total spaz and we knew right away that it was PERFECT for her and her personality.  

Your book/show recommendation
I've been watching the Amazing Race - since we can't travel, we watch other people do it and get travel inspirations from it!

Any advice based on your job or living of life outside of practicing/teaching yoga?
That animals are amazing and can be so therapeutic and healing.  Also, leaning into your friends, family, and community for support makes all the difference!  Knowing when and how to ask for right support is crucial as well.
You can't do everything on your own!