Appreciations and Acknowledgements

From Rae to Nancy — Thank you for always holding space for me. that phrase is kinda overused, but you really really embody what it means. your love is always felt and that means so much to me. I hope you hold this same, deep space for yourself. you deserve. Thank you.


From Rae to G — I feel your love every day. I appreciate you for giving it so generously. It’s a joy to know and love you 


From Rae to Franco — I really appreciate you for covering my shift when i was going through an emotional time. I needed that time and you supported me with ease. I don’t take that for granted. Thank you.


From Chelsea to Laura - Thank you so much for inviting me to assist TEP this past weekend! I had so much fun being a part of the intimate transformational space in person with you and our incredible graduates. I acknowledge you for leading them so powerfully and with your whole heart - all while navigating your pregnancy, move to Steamboat, and the transition to Ribbon! You bring ease and equanimity to the full and empowering life that you are creating. 


From Chelsea to Emily - You truly are the glue that holds our Denver studio together! Thank you for jumping in fully to your roll as Big Expert and navigating all the behind the scenes logistics. I experienced a ton of ease leading my first TPOY Meeting because I knew you were handling the front desk and ALL of the questions about Ribbon. I appreciate the amount of work that you are doing and your commitment to creating the BIG human experience for every single person who walks in our studio door! 


From Chelsea to Kelsey - I appreciate all of your help before and after our TEP graduation this past weekend! You are always willing to jump up and get anything that is needed and I am so happy to have you on the team. Also, thanks for dealing with double-sided tape and humidity with patience and grace! 



From Chelsea to Amanda - Thank you for showing up to TEP graduation this past weekend and really celebrating and acknowledging our graduates! I experienced you showing up as a community leader by bringing all the fun, smiles and exuberant energy that make you such a brilliant BIG Expert! 


From Megan to Justin - You make even the most mundane tasks fun!  Also, it warms my heart to hear you interact on the phone with our community.  Your kindness, patience, and joy is at the forefront of each interaction even when answering the same questions over and over. 


From Megan to Kelsey - I appreciate your continued communication with me as we worked through your onboarding.  It has been a joy watching you from afar, step into your role whole-heartedly!


From Megan to Janan (and Maria) - Your BYOBlanket podcast is delish and always the perfect dose of silliness, inquiry, and inspiration! Thank you for sharing yourselves with the world in this way!


From Megan to Lilly - Thank you for allowing my girls and I a glimpse into your life with sweet Oscar.  We have loved learning all the quirky Chin facts!  


From Megan to Anthony - I appreciate you for having your eyes on everything - the big things and the small things - that make all the difference so that our day-to-day operations run smoothly!


From Megan to Lisa - l appreciate you for handling our askbig email with so much grace and for asking for help to support our community throughout the transition to Ribbon.  


From Megan to Cassie - I really enjoyed our time in the storage room!! It was fun to work hard while playing hard with all the kids stuff - it made me even more excited for when we are able to eventually role out the Kids Program and use it all again!


From Megan to Amethyst - Thank you for keeping our team and community fancy and colorful with all the best gear!  I appreciate your attention to detail from the design of our retail in the lobby to equipping us with fresh color palettes!