Appreciations and Acknowledgements

From Emily to Laura - Thank you thank you thank you for taking my first class as a teacher at BIG! And for providing me with helpful feedback. I felt so supported!
From Lois to Jessica - I appreciate Jessica's well thought out use of strap in a 45 minute class last week-My side bodies thanks her!
From Lois to everyone! - I especially appreciate y'all believing in me enough to allow me to teach!
From Gayatri to Rae, Gabby, Sunshine, Nancy, Laura, Mallory, Megan, Justin  - thank you for supporting me on one of the hardest weeks I've ever had.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
From Gayatri to Regie, Caitlin, Chan - Thank you for coming to practice with me, always so fun to have my fraaands in class!
From Gayatri to Cassie, Justin, Megan - So inspired by our re-imagination of the structures of BIG Kids Yoga!  I am so happy kids will be practicing yoga in our spaces again soon.
From Allison to Emily, Molly, and Amor - Thank you so much for all of your flexibility and kindness this week. I appreciate all of you for showing up for me in such a BIG way this week. 
From Allison to Laura and Kiley - I appreciate both of you for checking in on me this week and encouraging me to lean on my team for support. Thank you both for your compassion and understanding this week. 
From Kiley to Di - Thank you for subbing ALL.THE.CLASSES. You are such a dream to work with and I appreciate you and your willingness to jump in and support the team and studio so much!
From Kiley to Natalie - Wooohoooo first official class this weekend! Here we go!
From Kiley to Amor, Allison, Emily & Molly - Your titles should actually be BIG Superhero Goddesses instead of BE… you girls are seriously such an incredible asset to this team and I’m so grateful for each of you and your unique talents ♥️
From Kiley to Katy - I am SO excited that you’ve chosen BIG as your new home. I know that you’re about to have a massive impact on our team and community…starting with slow flow this weekend 
From Kiley to Caroline - You are such a freaking champ — the fact that you JUST got knee surgery and still manage to put yourself down for nearly all of the subs needed this month is a miracle. I’m so proud of you and your growth & excited to see the way you impact BIG Denver and beyond!
From Kiley to Megan - Thank you for doing alllll the things that you’re doing behind the scenes. Bringing on SEVENTEEN team members at once - HELLO you are amazing 
From Eliza to Joi - thank you for brightening my Monday mornings!! Wow, what a true gift it has been to start my week with you (and our boy Paul). I love laughing and joking at 5:15 in the morning, and it really sets the tone of my whole week. Thanks for being YOU!
From Eliza to Nancy - I have loved spending so much time with you (virtually & in person) over the last few weeks especially. I'm grateful I get to be led by you, learn from you, grow with you and work along side you. I cherish our TEP wrap ups every weekend as we chit chat about the smallest things to the deepest things. Love you always.
From Eliza to Jamie - Love you so much. I am constantly inspired by your strength, especially now. Thank you for trusting me and others to care for you during this time and know that I am here for absolutely anything and everything.
From Eliza to Paul - You're the BEST and I'm gonna miss you so much once you leave me on our Monday mornings (jk because I'll get to see you even more in person but still!). You are seriously the nicest, most caring human and I know the BIG at Home yogis have been so lucky to get to be with you all these months.
From Eliza to Jenny - thanks for stepping in during TEP! They gained so much from you sharing and being with them this past weekend.
From Eliza to Chan - it's been so fun getting to work with you more lately! Our schedules have aligned so that we've gotten to hang out during different shifts and it's been so sweet. I specifically acknowledge you for knowing the community SO WELL. It makes a huge difference to them (and me!) that you took the time to get to know people's names and really connect with them. I hope we get more shifts together!
From Nana to G - Thank you so much for your support and kindness all the time
From Andrea to Kiley, Amor, and Laura - I am thankful for the guidance and support during my auditions as well as for always providing a great amount of love and inspiration during my time as a member at BIG
From Laura to Emily S, Cap, Katy and Chelsea O - Thank you so much for having allll the fun doing yoga with Benjamin when he was at the studio the other day! It makes my heart so happy to see him connecting with our team and making himself at home at the studio, and you guys were so amazing at including him and making him feel seen and excited. I'm so grateful for y'all!
From Laura to Amethyst - Thank you for being a source of love and support always and in all ways, big and small. I appreciate you so much!
From Laura to Allison S - Thank you for operating with so much integrity and ownership in all that you do! It makes a huge difference for me.
From Laura to Molly M - Thank you for your commitment to designing systems and processes that will support our team and community in the long run. I feel so supported by the vision you have for our operations!
From Laura to Amor - Thank you for bringing so much fun and so much passion to your work every day. You lift me up.
From Laura to Emily S - Thank you for showing up so powerfully for your first class on the schedule! You were made to teach at BIG and I felt so blessed to get to experience your first class.
From Laura to Marissa - Thank you for your breath and focus in my class today! It inspired my teaching and lifted the whole room up!
From Laura to Chelsea and Molly - Thank you for being adaptable and making magic happen last week when the rooftop space wasn't set up how we expected.
From Laura to Janan - Thank you for creating a beautifully designed referral process on the fly! You're brilliant.
From Laura to Ashley B - Thank you for being so present and engaged in creating community every time you're at the studio.