Come practice with us in Houston, Denver, and from anywhere in the world via our virtual platform, BIG@Home

Click here to see our locations and schedules


Come practice with us in Houston, Denver, and from anywhere in the world via our virtual platform, BIG@Home

Click here to see our locations and schedules
BIG Power Yoga

Appreciations and Acknowledgements

From Lesley to Franco: Thank you for helping me work out the craziness with the WiFi on Monday for the 8PM class. You are so amazing!


From Lesley to Sarah and Nancy: Thank you for opening the 300 hour training last weekend with Gioconda to all teachers. I learned so much and appreciated the chance to be in community with so many experienced teachers!



From Lesley to Ben: Thank you so much for covering my class last minute so I could join the BIG Upgrade last weekend. I learned so much, and it was all possible because of your kindness!


From Rae to Franco - thank you for stepping in for me. And for always checking in with me. I really really appreciate you.


From Rae to G - thank you for always supporting me and listening to me. You genuinely care and it means a lot. Love you so much.


From Rae to Meggie - again, our talks and hugs and relatability. It warms me, and it is such a pleasure to know you, work with you, and share space with you. Thank you.



From Rae to Adriana - I love you so much! Like, really and truly. I love being with you on Sundays.


From Franco to G: G, thank you so much for leading us with all things Transform!! Your devotion to our community is seen through and through; and it is inspiring! 


From Emily to G : I appreciate you for showing up so fully with energy and love while handling a lot of the back end challenges. You are amazing! 


From Emily to Nancy: I appreciate you for leading the Transform facilitators content calls with so much passion. I love them and always learn so much. 


From Emily to Bryn, Amanda, and Audrey : GOOD JOB manning the front desk through this extremely busy week!! We hope that it continues to get even busier and with your grace and ease at the front we can do anything! Ya'll are amazing. 


From Emily to Audrey : Thank you for taking the close on Monday nights after the meetings. It allows me to get rest and show up in a fuller way the next day and I so appreciate you for it! 


From Emily to Cap: Thank you for ALWAYS being so helpful to myself and the BE team. We love and appreciate all of the work you do and help you give and it doesn't go unnoticed! 



From Emily to Natalie: I acknowledge you for listening to your body and making the choice to teach less and practice more. Having you in classes this week has been the biggest joy! Love you so much. 


From Nancy to Emily, Di, Cap, Caroline, Katy, Erynn, Ashley and Amanda- Thank you for the amazing yoga practices while I was in Denver last week! You are each so committed and unique and we are so blessed to have you on our team at BIG.


From Nancy to Emily- Thank you for going above and beyond to take care of my while I was in town! I love spending time with you!


From Nancy to Natalie and Ashley- Thanks for going out of your way to take me home :)


From Nancy to Caroline- Thank you for your commitment to BIG and showing up so much at the studio when you have so much else going on! Congrats on your new job!


From Nancy to Cassie, Justin, Janan, and all the BIG Experts- Thank you in advance for rolling out kids yoga again and just going for it!


From Nancy to G and Justin- Thank you for handling so many behind-the-scenes details this week with Transform. Holy cow, its a lot, and it is making transformations happen!


From Nancy to Megan- Thank you for taking on another full project with Transform right now. You continue to amaze.


From Nancy to Susy, Chelsea, and Allison- thank you for three amazing yoga practices this week! Amazing work showing up fully with the program in mind.


From Nancy to Janan, G, Caroline, and Angie- Thanks for leading the group meetings!! SO MUCH FUN to be back with folks in this big way!


From Nancy to Susy, Franco, Camila, Haley, Lesley, Angie, and Caroline- These teams are awesome!! So much community being created! Everyone on my team is talking about Yin and Din this Friday