Come practice with us in Houston, Denver, and from anywhere in the world via our virtual platform, BIG@Home

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Come practice with us in Houston, Denver, and from anywhere in the world via our virtual platform, BIG@Home

Click here to see our locations and schedules
BIG Power Yoga

Appreciations and Acknowledgements

From Janan to all BIG employees - Do you realize what a big impact you are having on the world by choosing to spend a chunk of your time on earth creating the space for humans to find connection, self-love, and community love?!?!? From lavender eye towel folding, to checking in a class while answering the phone, to making playlists, to checking your WhatsApp threads, to teaching people uujayi breath, to little someone into the zoom room, to every little thing you do on your shift... those are all creating a ripple effect that positively affects thousands and thousands of people. Please give yourself warm and generous kudos right now.


From Janan to Lesley, Camila, and Nana - facilitating TEP with y'all assisting is a dream come true. You hold the whole training up with your willingness to lovingly serve. The TEPers would not be having the life-changing experiences they're having without the support you provide (and neither would I!) so THANK YOU and good job!!


From Janan to Nancy - thank you for getting me and being such a great leader to me. And trusting that you can "put me in, coach" in pretty much any situation. I am honored to be trusted in that way.


From Janan to Justin, G, and Emily - partners in crime (if it was illegal to be awesome). You really are the best co-workers and I love co-creating sales and marketing at BIG with your expertise and good vibes.


From Janan to Ben - Ummmmm so that Pride class was one of the best experiences I've had at BIG, especially co-teaching. You are so cool, so fun, and also I am really moved by how much you care about people and their experience. You super duper care. I feel proud to have a leader like you around!!


From Janan to Franco - Thanks for your HUGE commitment to growth and service by assisting all day Saturday (happily and amazingly) when it was not required AND THEN keeping time integrity the next day after a wild Pride night. Go you!!


From G to Amor: It's been so wonderful having you office at BIG and teach here in Houston this summer!  Thank you for bringing your vivaciousness, energy, and enthusiasm and that special Amor sparkle to summer 2022.


From G to Cassie:  You've done an incredible job reviving the kids program, and I am so inspired by your commitment to continue growing it.  Your love of working with kids is so special.  Thanks for teaching the next generation.


From G to Angie: Thank you for an amazing class on Monday.  I love an ANGIE CURRELL class - everything about it, the music, your easy breezy way of being, the creative flow, the challenge, and the ease.  It felt SO good!


From G to Nancy:  Thank you for coming to class on BAH Thursday morning.  Loved having you in class <3 <3 <3, and loved getting to teach it.  


From G to Janan, Nancy, Laura and Megan: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to run the Self-Care Summer Meditation challenge and for all your support.  What a huge success on so many levels.  I love getting to be creative in offerings, product development, branding, and business.  It's so amazing to have your partnership.  So proud of all those yogis!


From G to Camila: Thanks for opening with me Thursdays.  I love getting to welcome that early morning crew with you, and starting my day with you.  It always feels powerful and inspiring.


From G to Liza: Loved having you in class this week.  Your work ethic on the mat was so inspiring to me.  Loved having your daughter too!


From G to Bibbin and Susy: Thanks for laughing with me Wed!  LOL.  Sometimes you just have to laugh!  Silently, right in the middle of savasana!


From G to Jamie:  What a cool offering you've created with Covenant.  Love how you connect communities wherever you go!  


From G to all the teachers:  Thanks so much for seamlessly stepping in for each other.  There's a flow to subbing going on that I've never seen before.  It makes me happy that you all can teach and travel and take care of yourselves and your families, and work on other endeavors -  be up to a BIG life!  


From G to Paul: I kind of have no words right now, except WOOHOO!!!!!  Can't wait to be with you Sunday and get to dive into all things teaching!


From G to Em: Thanks for being you!  



From G to Ben and Janan: Congrats on a moving, meaningful, and super fun PRIDE.  I agree with Ben - more classes should have balloon drops.  Thank you for sharing yourselves and your hearts so generously.