Appreciations and Acknowledgements

To Nathan from Jess- for being SO MUCH FUN and also so impeccable in the mornings! From hosting classes to teaching to leading meetings. It’s been a true joy to be with you in all of these ways! 


To Bryson from Jess- for being such a sweetheart always AND for bringing your beautiful cat on screen when you DBE! Love you! 


To G from Jess- for working so hard behind the scenes on everything from reopening to always loving and supporting people to step into their possibilities in the most wholehearted and generous way. Happy almost bday! Beyond grateful for you.  


To Cassie from Jess- for going above and beyond to ensure that I was supported in starting my meditation workshop! And for going above and beyond in everything you do to support all of us. And for moving forward with wedding and honeymoon planning with calm and grace! You are so loved and appreciated! Celebrating you! 


To Nancy from Jess- for keeping these gems of appreciation going! For being a true, honest, loving, brave leader in the world. ITS. SO. EXTRAORDINARY. You are extraordinary! 


To Janan from Jess- for making all the amazing graphics and content for BIG that is just so creative and cool. 


To Dulce from Jess- for being a light in the world, no matter what! And for your super cool posters. 


To Hailley from Eliza-Thank you Hailley for making sure I was fully prepped and ready for my first public 40 Days Meeting. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me,  make sure I was ready, and follow up with me after. Your leadership & mentorship has meant more to me than I can ever fully express. My successes wouldn't be possible without your support.


To Nathan from Eliza-Thank you Nathan for everything you've done to support and teach and lead me over the past (many) years, specifically in preparing me to lead my first 40 Days Meeting. You shadowed my meeting bringing the BEST energy, and I felt nothing but supported by you before, during, and after my meeting. Thanks for reaching out before hand to make sure I was set up, supporting me in the way you did during, and also debriefing with me afterwards. Your leadership and mentorship is greatly appreciated.


To Janan from Eliza-I appreciate Janan for being one of the coolest people I know. I love talking to you because I feel like you listen fully, without judgment, and generate a space for open and honest communication. I treasure the time we get to spend together because I know I will leave our interaction feeling uplifted, re-energized, and recommitted to the things that matter most to me. I appreciate you!


To Hailley from Gina-Marie: Thank you so much for taking over my classes. Thank you for talking to me and reminding me that teaching will always be there. Thank you for being my best friend and inspiration. I love you! 


To Nancy and Gayatri from Gina-Marie: Thank you both for being so loving as I step away from teaching at this time. I appreciate your support always! I love you. 


To The Whole Team from Gina-Marie: Thank you for making such a big impact on my life. Thank you for being my community that has lifted me up and celebrated me every step of the way. I'm carrying your love with me to my sweet baby boy. I love you. 


To Gina-Marie from Gina-Marie: You've got this. You will cherish this time away and you will come back when you feel ready. Take your time. Soak it all up. This is what you were made for. I love you. 


From G to Dulce: I want to send a HUGE shout out to G who is constantly a stand for me! G always reminds me to take care of myself because I tend to forget a lot, lol. Even when G has so much of her own things going on, she always finds time to check up on me and make sure I’m doing okay. I really don’t have the words to describe what a difference she makes for me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH G!!!


From Hailley to G: Thank you for supporting me in celebrating my BIRTHDAY this week! I had the most amazing day and I am so grateful to be fully supported and celebrated by my BIG family!!


From Tracy to Gia, Betty, and Cassie:  Thank you for working so hard to make sure we had music for Gia's Rock Your Flow class on Sunday.  Cassie worked on her day off to stream the music from her computer.  And, Gia, you were able to land in class with presence and taught so strongly after 20 minutes of troubleshooting and having no time with students before class.


From Tracy to Mallory:  Thank you for sharing your teaching declaration with Dulce and me on Sunday.  I find that I feel a deeper connection with instructors now (even not knowing their declaration; and, knowing theirs is different from yours) because I envision them working from the same heartfelt space.  It was inspiring.


From Tracy to G:  Thank you for always showing up and being authentic.  I have missed working with you during your classes.  I am grateful I covered for Dulce on Sunday and was able to connect with you again.


From Tracy to Dulce:  For killing it with her studies and making her dreams come true.


From Nancy to G: Thank you for going above and beyond in what youre doing to get Montrose ready to open. I see you.


From Nancy to Janan: You are a genius. Thank you for doing a bunch of stuff you dont want to do to make this all happen.


From Nancy to Dulce, Ashley, Lisa: Thank you for managing so much in ASK BIG!! You are amazing!!


From Nancy to Hailley: Thanks for being in full leadership of TEP right now so I can focus on the studio opening.


Nancy to GM: Thank you for being so thoughtful in your maternity leave planning and who you have been for your students for the past 6(???) years!! We will miss you so much and cannot wait to meet baby boy!!


Nancy to Megan: Thanks for doing all the work you are doing while balancing ALL THE MOM-ING


Nancy to Ben, Mallory, Jenny: Thanks for teaching these workshops! And for husting with me to get it ready!


To Adriana, Jamie L, Ben, Caitlin, G, Jenny, Ben, Janan, Eliza, Mallory, Jenny, Chelsea, Jill, Meggie, and Regie- so thrilled for you to be back in studio teaching!! Thanks for MAKING IT WORK!


Nancy to Nate- thanks for your 40 Days Leadership amongst the many other projects like calling our neighbors. You rock.