Appreciations and Acknowledgements

Eliza to Tracy & Bryson - thanks for being the BEST team on Tuesday mornings. I will forever cherish our mornings from my living room with all the fur babes at all 3 of our houses, filled with coffee and the best conversations. You made getting up at 4:30am worth it! Love y'all.


Eliza to Nancy - thank you for being the MOST PATIENT human I've ever met. I was flustered during my first in studio/online hybrid and you kept me grounded and calm and ready to teach a badass class. I appreciate you for all that you are for me and the community. While I know you've done a lot of work to utilize all the tools, I also know that is just who you are as a human being - being of service to others while remaining compassionate and loving. love you so much.


Eliza to Janan - proud of you for putting yourself out there in the 40 days facilitator in training program and so excited for what else there is in store for you moving forward! I acknowledge you for taking on this training FULL ON and jumping right in. I can already tell the impact it's had on you and love hearing about it through our conversations and in your intentions in class. Love you friend!


Chelsea To Franco and Camila: Thank you both so much for making my in-studio teaching experience at Montrose so seamless. I know that when I walk in the Montrose doors to teach, you have everything ready for me to focus on my students. The work you do "behind the scenes" for our community does not go unnoticed. I am grateful for your leadership and for always putting me in the best mood prior to teaching. 


Tracy to Meggie - Thank you!  The way you jumped in and took over teaching for me when it was apparent that we lost Nancy's connection for more than a few minutes filled me with so much gratitude and love and all the feels.  Thank you!


Tracy to Rae and Chelsea F. - Thank you for trying to get Nancy's BAH computer back up and running on Wednesday.  Even though I was miles away, I could feel you two working on it and feeling the urgency of getting Nancy back on the big screen for our BAH yogis.


Tracy to Mallory, Nate, Eliza, and Nancy (and all the Live Stream instructors that I haven't worked with yet) - I truly appreciate how you remain connected with our BAH yogis and the yogis right in front of you.  It cannot be easy keeping tabs on all of us and you all do it with ease and love.


Tracy to Cassie - I don't know how you do it all!  You are so appreciated!  You always appear so calm and that just radiates to us at home.  Thank you for being such a kind and amazing human!


Tracy to Ale - thank you for covering my shift this week!  I owe you one!


Tracy to Janan - your time and knowledge and commitment to making sure the Live Stream classes work is so appreciated!  Thank you for being in the background for Nancy's test run last Wednesday and lurking in the background for my first Live Stream Hosting class on Sunday.  And, most importantly, thank you for laughing with (at?) me when I think I'm being funny.


Marijke to Nathan- Your enthusiasm, generosity and willingness to have fun are the qualities I've known, appreciated and loved you for, yet it is the warmth of the passion you devote to cause a shift and elevate another human being, that make you the magnificent unique leader that are. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me during the 40 Days Create Pilot, for which I today, stand in the face of limitless possibility.


Hailley to Jess Z -Thank you so much for always showing up with such love, lightness and kindness in your heart. You are always a JOY to see and to be with. Thank you for always being your authentic self and for fully loving and supporting me! I love you so much! 


Rae to Gayatri- I'd like to appreciate Gayatri! She has been SOOOO helpful in training all of the BIG experts. On my first shift during a break, she gave me a moment to just appreciate myself. G affirmed me so sweetly and powerfully, and I am CERTAIN that it affected how I showed up in my next shift in a BIG, positive way.


Nancy to Janan- Thank you for being on-call and committed to solutions with our live-streaming process! We love you!!


Nancy to Meggie, Chelsea Fenn, Rae, and Tracy- Thanks for coming together as a team to save the day when we had the tech breakdown in Weds night class!! Everyone was blown away by how we came together (including me!). I felt supported and at ease during a breakdown, and our community got to take 20 minutes of a class with Meggie! How awesome is that?!


Nancy to Callina, Rae, and Chelsea Luna- Good job on your first shifts this week! You all showed up like PROS, navigating so so much! Thank you!


Nancy to Mallory, Chelsea Fenn, Eliza, Angie, Nate, G, Jenny, Janan- GREAT JOB learning and doing at the same this week with jumping right into Memo reopening! Everyone feels connected and loved and SO HAPPY to be in your classes!


Nancy to Justin- Good job rocking learning all of your new community director roels and showing up with a lot of support and love and commitment all while in a steep learning curve. You inspire me!


Nancy to Gabby and Adriana- I appreciate you for showing up and taking big leaps in your teaching. Thanks for your commitment to growth, service, and our community.


Nancy to all of our 40 Days Facilitators (Val, Jenny, Mal, Eliza, Hailley, Laura, Nate)- Thank you for all the work you are doing in your lives and behind the scenes preparing to show up so powerfully next week and beyond!


Nancy to Tisha and Anthony- Made my DAY seeing your shining faces training today! Thrilled to welcome you to the team! 


Nancy to Janan and Lily- Good job with all of the work you are doing in your facilitator in training program! I know it’s a lot and you are rocking it.


Nancy to Nate- Thanks for all you are leading right now- the facilitator team, the facilitators in training, the 40 days team leader training. So much transformation! Your commitment to doing it your best yet is so inspiring!


Nancy to G- Thanks for dealing with everything with joy and ease- even overflowing toilets. 


Nancy to Megan- I appreciate so much how you always bring humor even to challenging things! You always bring a smile to my face, no matter the topic at hand.