Warm Your Holidays

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Join us for Warm Your Holidays, our 2018 Holiday Yoga Challenge.

November 23, 2018 -January 1, 2019

Commit to your practice and experience your warmest holiday season yet full of love, connection, and fun! Through the heat of a consistent practice, you will gain access to burning away anything that would keep you from experiencing your best holiday and create space for what matters most. Tap into the power of community through contributing to others and allowing yourself to be contributed to! With three levels of participation to choose from, there is a sweaty option for everyone!

From Black Friday to New Years Day, commit to any of the following levels of participation:

Warm Level: 10 Practices

Hot Level: 20 Practices

Lit Level: 30 or more Practices


Program Notes:

-Commit to a level of participation (Warm, Hot, Lit!)--NO NEED TO TELL US WHICH ONE. Just pick one and we will update you halfway through the program on how you are doing.

-Participation in program is FREE!

-You commit to completing a certain total number of practice over the course of the program--no weekly minimum requirement to allow for holiday travel.

-Double practices in one day ARE allowed!

-If you get behind you can either "double up" or simply change your level of participation, i.e. plan to do the Lit Level and actually complete 25 practices and still "win" at the Hot Level.

-Conversely, you could plan to do the Warm Level and exceed your plan and complete the Lit Level!

There will be super, awesome prizes depending on the level that the you complete by January 1, 2019!

Email us at askbig@bigpoweryoga.com if you have any questions.


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