It’s Hot! Why Not? BIG Summer Yoga Challenge

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In case you haven’t’s HOT! We believe that the path to having the best summer ever starts with embracing and taking advantage of the heat this time of year brings. During the month of July, It’s Hot, Why Not? BIG Summer Yoga Challenge gives you the opportunity to make your summer even sweatier by committing to a practice that is sure to transform the BIG life you are living. We know a consistent practice is what makes the biggest difference in our lives, no matter the season. We invite you to get on your mat and feel fully alive! Join an entire community out to make July the sweatiest month ever and set yourself up to have a summer full of transformation, community, fun…and, of course, sweat!

It’s Hot! Why Not? BIG Summer Yoga Challenge Details:


July 1st-July 31st

How to Win

1. Commit to one of the following levels of participation:*

Summer Fun = 16 practices
Summer Love = 20 practices
Summer Sweat = 24 practices

*You can choose to change your level at anytime

2. Practice at BIG as much as you need to win.

3. Track your practices in the studio on the posted star charts.

4. Celebrate with fellow finishers at the end of the challenge at a top secret party location!

How to uplevel your challenge:

Join us on Instagram!

Invite a friend to participate in the challenge with you.


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