Cultivating Motherhood with Jenny Noonan

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A course for women who are empowered to create a new view of motherhood. Come with us over a journey of 8 weeks where we will dive into the important things that women deal with as they become moms. This course is designed to help you navigate the transitions of motherhood as you experience them over the course of your life.

• Get connected and clear about the legacy you want to leave for your children and the world

• Take the drama out of being a mama

• Learn how to listen to yourself and trust yourself, tap into your intuition

• Drop the mom guilt and be able to fully nurture yourself and others from a powerful place

• Let go of judgement and learn to give and receive fully

• Be at peace with the past so you can be in full choice and creation of yourself and your future

• Create a community of support and connection with other like minded mom’s

Who is this course for: (limited to 12!)

New moms, you just had a baby

Seasoned moms, you have been doing this for more than a few years

Soon to be moms, you are about to have a baby or know you want to in the near future

You want to be your unique mom

You want to change the conversation around motherhood and what it looks like

Who is this course NOT for:

Dads (sorry guys)

You just want to gossip or complain about motherhood

You're not committed to making a change in your life

When: Tuesdays 4:30-6:00pm CST

May 1st - May 8th - May 15th - May 22nd - May 29th - June 5th

Location: Video call

You will then join a 90-minute video call alongside a community of like-minded women, learning directly from Lightyear Leaders and mom’s Jenny Noonan and Rachel Nelson, as well as from each other. Once the live session is complete there will be approximately thirty to sixty minutes of homework to complete before the next session. Calls will be recorded so if you miss a session you can re-watch! We understand that you might be managing your family during this time, so please feel free to have your littles around or in the background! (Ours might be too!)

Limited to 12 participants.

Investment: $550 and 6 weeks

In addition to these 6 calls you will receive:

• Meditation and yoga podcasts

• Discounts on private one-on-one coaching

• A private facebook group to connect and stay connected to this community


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