Raveen ("Rae") Johnson

Houston - Montrose

Who Rae Is For You

Raveen is a reminder of grace and humanity for her students. She believes in the power of self-care, community care and transparency, and she hopes that students leave her class feeling empowered, supported and free to be their full selves. Raveen is committed to creating spaces where students feel challenged and honored, and where they feel confident in exercising their personal power of choice. A class with Raveen is one where everyone is reminded to trust themselves.

About Raveen

Raveen is a RYT-200, born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has been practicing yoga since 2016, and began practicing at BIG in 2017. It was her experience at BIG that opened up the possibilities of how yoga could really shift her life. She joined a 40-Day challenge in 2019 and was named the MVP of her team. That honor gave her the push she needed to make the powerful choice of becoming a yoga teacher through TEP 15.0, on the heels of a pandemic! It has been one of her best decisions to date.

Aside from yoga, Raveen is a writer. She received her BA in Mass Communications, Print Journalism in 2014 from Sam Houston State University. She refers to herself as a wellness writer since mental and emotional health + wellness is at the core of most of her writing. She is also an avid journaling advocate, having started a workshop journaling series: #PositiveSelfTalk, dedicated to helping her community shift their self-dialogue to one that is more loving, gracious and empowering as we all navigate life's experiences. Raveen has been hosting these workshops since 2016 and has had the honor of hosting two of them at the South by Southwest Wellness Expo in Austin, Texas. Her main passion is to create safe spaces to for communities to support, love and embrace one another while also highlighting the importance of self-love and self-care. They go hand-in-hand, in her opinion.

Some of Raveen's favorite things include hot tea, simple recipes, bubble baths, and music.

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