Houston - Montrose

Who Paul Is For You

Paul's commitment as a teacher is to bring fun, lightness, and a welcoming energy to his students' experience. This takes place on and off the mat. Paul is always an open ear to learn more about you, your triumphs, your challenges, and what you're up to in life. In class, he brings an energy of ease and levity while challenging his students with creative flows. Paul's goal is to provide a space for his students to take time for themselves, so they can show up bigger and brighter for the people and things in the rest of their lives!

About Paul

Paul began practicing yoga in 2017 when he was unknowingly invited to a hot yoga class…and kept coming back for more! He completed BIG's 200-hr Teacher Empowerment Program in February 2022. Paul is an engineer with a background in Chemical Engineering and a passion for people. He plays Clarinet and performs with local Houston community bands. Paul is a huge advocate of Buffalo Bayou, where he regularly walks, cycles, and plays an active role in the young professionals group.


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