Nick Zogg

Houston - Montrose

Who Nick Is For You

Nick Zogg loves people and what's possible for them through the practice of yoga. He creates a dynamic yoga practice that allows students to surrender completely to the physical experience of yoga. Around Nick, students are able to breakthrough to new levels of freedom and connection on and off their mats.

About Nick

Nick Zogg is a graduate of BIG's 200 hour Teacher Empowerment Program and 300 hour BIG Upgrade. He is a 500 Hour E-RYT and Baptiste Certified Teacher with over 80,000 Check-Ins and more than 13,000 unique students. Nick is BIG's Director of Operations and Finances, and has been on the core leadership team of BIG since 2013. He has extensive experience providing leadership for the Baptiste Institute on the Core Assisting Team for Baptiste Programs Level One, Two, and Three, and through co-leading the Baptiste Short Programs Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, Art of True North Alignment, and Being of Power.

What Nick's Students Say

Where to start! A completely different vibe for a yoga class. Drill sergeant, mixed with Surfer Dude/badass. He's basically everything you want, but hate, in a yoga teacher. Follow instructions, stay in line, don't check your fucking watch. He is serious about his craft and he has to be one of the best because his guidance and dedication works. He has a good heart and once in a while you may catch his soft side ;). You want to learn and grow the right way, see Nick!

- Anonymous

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