Mich Stevenson

Houston - Montrose

Who Mich Is For You

Mich is committed to leading genuine, fun, powerful yoga classes with clear communication and consistent variations between classes that inspires students. Students can expect to build powerful breath for their practice as well as gain strength and comfort with taking flight through inversions or arm balances.

About Mich

Mich believes that a commitment to authentic relationships designed by collaboration and sharing of ideas can create an environment for abundant opportunities; both in experience and reward. Design solves problems and art asks questions and artist have a responsibility to ask questions others can not or will not. The practice of yoga invites practitioners of all levels to a space of stillness, rest, relaxation or release that allows time to process and move forward beyond questions and concerns into hopeful disposition. Today as an artist, designer and Registered Yoga Teacher I provide creative marketing services, experience consultation and mindfulness workshops to local and national clients. In January 2019 Michael worked with the We Are Family Foundation in NY, NY founded by famed composer and record producer Nile Rogers to consult on sustainability in art and design as well as body awareness and mindfulness during the Global Teen Summit. Most recently on June 14, Michael co-curated and produced, “There Is Enough For Everyone,” an art exhibition that opened in Houston, “pointing a spotlight directly at the reality of scarcity within black and brown communities. Prodding the limitations, distribution, and access of wealth in the City of Houston and the country at large. The artist wished to widen the voices involved in the global conversation dealing with the scarcity and abundance of the “they”, the others, the blacks, the browns or as Frantz Fannon puts it, “The Wretched of the Earth”.

What Mich's Students Say

I'm always amazed and inspired by Michael's beautiful intentions at the beginning of every class! I also really appreciate that he focuses on the foundations of the practice, while also introducing new ways to up-level and grow!!

- Kelly C.

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