Mallory Littell

Houston - Montrose

Who Mallory Is For You

Mallory is committed to authentically delivering a practice that supports you in continuously learning and growing. She is reliable for creating a space where you experience yourself as and get connecting to the strong and powerful human you were designed to be through the practice of yoga. Mallory promises to bring an excellent and dynamic balance of connection, curiosity, generosity, and accountability to her classes.

About Mallory

Mallory is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher. She completed both her 200 hour (2013) and 300 hour (2017) certifications with BIG. She has also completed Level 1, Level 2, and Art of Assisting with the Baptiste Institute. Mallory found yoga in 2012 when she visited BIG for the first time. Since then, she continues to be inspired by the challenge, transformation, and growth that is possible through the practice. The only thing she loves more than teaching yoga, is DOING yoga! It is on her mat that she has discovered her ability make a difference by being generous, compassionate, powerful, and 100% human. It is where she has learned that self worth is self generated and that the correct amount discomfort is totally worth the difference you are out to make!

Mallory is always on the move as she has many different leadership roles at BIG. You can find her facilitating 40 Days meetings in the Fall and Winter where she guides participants through the program by teaching them how to take the practice in to their lives. Expect laughter, tears, and a whole lot of empowerment!

Mallory's "full-time gig," IS BIG! She is the Community Director at BIG Montrose where she spins multiple plates with the a level of grace and humilty that has only been achieved through the many learning opportunities this job presents her. She provides love-filled leadership for every BIG Team Member and works with our leadership team in creating the best experience for our community.

In addition to learning ALL about yoga, Mallory has studied and lead the Lightyear Leadership methodology with Susanne Conrad and Nancy Perry as her teachers. It is through this work she has learned how to design the life she truly loves and is proud of.

Outside of Mallory's BIG life, she lives an even BIGGER life with her husband and their weimaraner. Together, the enjoy good food, good wine, and good company and will travel anywhere in the world to find it!

What Mallory's Students Say

Mallory’s ineffable energy and enthusiasm for her craft are immediately evident the moment you meet her. She is a wealth of knowledge, yet entirely unpretentious in her approach — teaching always with a sense of humor and humanity. She consistently delivers an intense and powerful vinyasa sequence, infused with her own passion and gratitude for the practice. Mallory’s dedication to the development of her students is unwaivering and unmatched. She clearly introduces and intelligently demonstrates challenging asanas, positively encouraging her students to explore the postures for themselves, while providing meaningful and insightful adjustments. Above all, Mallory is genuinely committed to fostering a sense of community within the studio and does so with grace, humility, and integrity. I leave Mallory’s presence feeling revitalized, grounded, and grateful for the sunshine of a person she is, and which subsequently radiates through her students. Because at the end of the day, it’s deeper than just doing Yoga — it’s about growth on and off the Mat.

- Angela H.

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