Lisa Vickers

Houston - Montrose

Who Lisa Is For You

Lisa's passion is to be of service. A natural teacher, Lisa cares deeply for her students and her community. Her voice, love of language, mindful and creative sequencing, alignment, incorporation of music and understanding the philosophy creates a space in which students may discover new possibilities for themselves. She values inclusivity, discovery and creativity, and is committed to making her students feel seen and heard when in her presence.

About Lisa

Dr. Lisa Vickers is a professional opera singer. She completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from UH's Moores School of Music in May 2018. She is a highly sought after performer, teacher, coach, and collaborator. Dr. Vickers moved to Houston in 2007 and began practicing at Yoga Ananda soon thereafter. Yoga immediately had a powerful impact on her singing, her performing, and her musical preparation.

Upon deciding to pursue a doctorate in 2014, she began researching how to incorporate asana and yoga philosophy into the voice studio, rehearsal space, and musical landscapes. It was during this time that she discovered and fell in love with Big. She felt at home and loved by a community simply for who she was, and has sought to make others feel the same way ever since. She graduated from TEP 8.0 in July 2016 and has been teaching at Big since then. She graduated from The Big Upgrade 2.0 in January 2019. A 500 RYT, Lisa now teaches Powerful Flow, Powerful Flow Jams, Rock Your Flow, and Devotional Flow at both Houston locations. She cares deeply for her own practice and seeks to constantly learn and develop as a practitioner and teacher. Her greatest joy is to be of service to the amazing Big community.

In addition to her singing and teaching at Big, Dr. Vickers is a voice instructor. She taught at the collegiate level for nine years and now maintains a private studio in Houston. She regularly presents her Yoga for Singers/Yoga for Musicians classes to local schools and companies. She lives in League City with her husband, Austin, their dog, Pancho, and two cats, Violet and BK. Lisa and Austin are beyond thrilled to be expecting their first baby in August. Lisa is grateful to the Big community and cannot wait to grow into the next area of her life with the support of Big.

What Lisa's Students Say

Lisa is one of my favorite yoga teachers because not only is she a knowledgeable teacher, but because she loves yoga, loves teaching and loves her students. She thoughtfully plans her classes, provides helpful cues on the proper alignment for a pose, and suggests helpful modifications for those unable to achieve the full expression of the pose because of injury or ability level. She does all of this with good humor and joy.

- Tonya B.

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