Joe Down

Houston - Montrose

Who Joe Is For You

Joe is committed to creating each one of his classes to be an excellent and skillful act of service to the practitioner. Through well designed sequencing and beautiful queuing, Joe will afford practitioners the opportunity to leave themselves powerfully refocused and inwardly connected. Joe will ensure every yogi has the space to experience themselves wholly and fully, by and through the uniqueness of their own practice as enmeshed with the flow of his class.

About Joe

Joe is a fourth generation Houstonian currently studying to become a data scientist. He is committed to being a continual learner, following his heart and curiosity in all things. He has taught over 2400 hours of yoga, and he is a gifted yoga teacher.

What Joe's Students Say

I just really can't say it enough, Joe is always the best!!! His class always seems to meet me right where I need. I love when we do something new each class, that always makes for a more interesting flow as it breaks my habitual tendencies. Fave teacher for sure.

- Anonymous

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