Jill Krisl

Houston - Montrose

Who Jill Is For You

Jill is committed to cultivating a practice that provides her students the space to experience grace, grounding, strength and fierceness of the human body, and the power of the human spirit.

About Jill

Jill completed her RYT200 at BIG in 2014 after moving to Houston for work, and has been teaching ever since. Through her education and career in healthcare, and what she has learned through her own practice, Jill brings an understanding of anatomy and the physical body to her teaching. Her curiosity and commitment to growth has her exploring new ways to experience the strength of the body and the physicalness of the practice. Jill says that one of her greatest teachers has been her own body! Jill has stay committed to her practice through injuries and surgeries, discovering new ways to modify and make the practice accessible; always seeking ways to make the practice something EVERY-body can experience.

What Jill's Students Say

It is hard to single out just one thing I love about Jill's class, I love Jill's commitment to the Yogi's, her commitment to the poses and helping everyone improve, but most of all I love when we are in a pose for what seems like a long time and I am about to fall out or give up, Jill offers that encouragement that the pose will not last forever and the power to focus on your breath will get you through. I take this encouragement with me throughout the day and when I am faced with a tough situation, I reflect on what Jill offers.

- Rock M.

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