Jenny Noonan

Houston - Montrose

Who Jenny Is For You:

Jenny's teaching is sourced by her practice. She nurtures and cares for her students so that they can discover endless grace. She uses humor to keep people present. She leads students who have rich inner lives and reminds them that yoga can be fun and light. She is an intuitive explorer and leader of the practice.

About Jenny:

Jenny Noonan has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. She came to the practice as a angsty teen. She fell in love immediately with the calm she felt at the end of her practice and the way she got connected to her body in a powerful way. Jenny is a 500 Hour E-RYT, which essentially means that she's highly trained in teaching yoga and has taught over 3500 hours. She is also a highly experienced Kids Yoga teacher that loves bringing yoga to people of all ages. Jenny has trained hundreds of teachers all over the world to teach yoga, as well as created two Kids Teacher Training programs, including one that went internationally. She also co-created one of the best, well known and long running Kids Yoga programs in Houston at BIG. Even with extensive training in the Baptiste methodology, including participating in the first ever Baptiste FIT to Lead program, Jenny continues to develop her understanding and knowledge of the practice through consistent study and inquiry. Jenny is the mom of two incredible boys and a wife of over 10 years. Her greatest teachers are her children and her husband and is so grateful for their teachings. She enjoys the every day simplicity as well as adventure with her family.

What Jenny's Students Say:

Good yoga teachers abound, but great ones are rare. Jenny Noonan is one of the greats. Great teachers not only understand yoga’s intrinsic spiritual nature, but also reflect it. They infuse every class with a sense of calm, peace, and kindness and impart it to their students. As a result, poses that would otherwise be mentally and physically stressful are experienced as invitations to turn one’s attention within.

Jenny does this naturally and in every class. It’s how she’s wired, probably as a result of practicing what she preaches. She’s grounded, serene, and rooted in kindness. Her sense of humor is effortless and witty, not edgy or caustic. In other words, Jenny doesn't just do yoga; she lives it. What her students get as a result is an instructor who reflects the benefits of being inwardly guided, grounded, and spiritually awake. When Jenny shares yoga wisdom at the beginning of class, the room comes to a deafening silence and a soul-awakening stillness. People know when a teacher is touching upon truth; and when they hear it, they respond. What three minutes prior was a bunch of discombobulated sleepyheads has suddenly become a group of awakened individuals ready to stretch their body, soul, and mind.

Another reason that Jenny is one of the greats is that she has an infallible ability to guide the class smoothly through a seamless flow of asanas. Moreover, she is able to intersperse her instructions with a side comment or two, and then resume direction without missing a beat. She knows the practice that well.

She knows her students that well, too. She not only instructs them; she observes them. When she sees several students needing modification on a pose, she offers that guidance, and to the benefit of the whole class.

BIG Yoga is a unique studio. While it has a lot of good teachers, it also has several greats. Jenny Noonan is one of them. I can think of no one better to help me grow in my practice, which is why I try to attend her class every chance I get. - Mary Michael T.

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