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Who Janan Is For You

Janan is a stand for transformational and empowered choice for each and every student. She steps into the classroom to actually step out of the way of the "being-ness" of each student and simply hold the container for raw connection of the body, mind, and spirit. Within this container, she challenges people to get messy not to move away from the form of the pose; rather, to move deeper into the pose because idealistic perfection rejects the essential part of each human that is "messiness." In this messiness, her students become "unmessable-with." Janan believes that THIS is the heart of transformational love: total acceptance, especially of the self. In the savasana of this acceptance-practice, lies the rediscovery of personal power--aka empowered choice.

About Janan

Janan has completed several yoga teacher trainings, including 200-hr Integrative Vinyasa from Uptown Yoga in Dallas, Baptiste Level 1, Level 2, Art of Assisting, and Advanced Art of Assisting to become a Tier 2 Baptiste Power Yoga Certified Teacher (yeah, she trained with Baron Baptiste in the desert of Sedona, no big deal), assisting a teacher training in Kenya with Africa Yoga Project, and nearly uncountable weekend-long trainings with teachers like Seane Corn, Leslie Kaminoff, Suzanne Sterling, etc. She's also completed Lightyear Leadership trainings Level 1 and Level 2 with Nancy Perry and has assisted BIG's TEP program more times than Pluto has moons.

With a degree in Art and Performance, Janan is a retired stand-up comedian and has a popular podcast. She is REALLY good at talking. It is also engrained in her that "yoga" does not stop at the edge of the mat; it lives and breathes in everything she does, whether it is in Sanskrit or not. She's travelled to over 20 countries and is a firm believer that a literal broadened worldview directly affects what she brings to her students.

What Janan's Students Say

Janan’s unique style and leadership is filled with love, curiosity, and empowerment. Being one of her students has afforded me the opportunity to show up for myself and my community, and leverage my yoga practice to learn more about my innermost purpose and drive. Janan’s teachings both on and off the mat provide life-changing magic that constantly surprise, challenge, and inspire me.

- Kaitlin D.

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