Hailley Wollak

Houston - Montrose

Who Hailley Is For You

Hailley creates intelligent, thoughtful and challenging yoga sequences that masterfully provide freedom, aliveness and allow you to feel fully taken care of, rinsed out and completely yourself by the end of the practice. Hailley teaches and leads from her heart and shares bodly about what is important to her in a way that will make a real difference for you. Her commitment is to create a space of unconditional love and she will consistently support you in working hard while simultaneously taking excellent care of yourself. Hailley trusts that the practice works and shows up ready to teach in a way that will have you feeling free, LOVED, supported and fully connected to your own strength and power!

About Hailley

Hailley was born to teach! She comes from a family of classroom teachers and has found that it truly is part of her legacy to continue the family tradition of leading and teaching, simply in a different type of classroom - the yoga studio! Hailley completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at BIG Power Yoga in 2014 and has continued to seek out opportunities to develop and grow as a teacher and leader ever since. Hailley completed her Baptiste Certification in 2015, studied in a year long leadership, vision and goal coaching program with Susanne Conrad, creator of Lightyear Leadership, in 2016 and completed her 300hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Hailley’s full time role at BIG is to lead and manage BIG’s 200hr Teacher Empowerment Programs and BIG Internship Programs and she absolutely loves what she gets to do everyday! Hailley lights up at the front of a room and has the most fun leading, being with and learning through serving others. Outside of teaching and leading at BIG, you can find Hailley practicing yoga, traveling the world, leading Live Alive Adventures, walking her puppy Brutus, recording podcasts with Gina-Marie for SHE.inspires, supporting the body positive movement through Love Your Belly Movement, exploring new restaurants in Houston and getting out in the sunshine as much as possible!

What Hailley's Students Say

Hailley brings such passionate, playful energy to her teaching and her classes leave me feeling inspired, empowered, and more connected to myself each and every time. She confidently delivers powerful, clear cues which get me out of my head and into my body. I can sense how dedicated she is to her practice and hearing her share so vulnerably about her own experiences on her mat makes me feel safe to explore and have fun in her class!

- Amanda B.

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