Gina-Marie Vincent Runnels

Houston - Montrose

Who Gina-Marie Is For You

Gina-Marie creates physicalness, expression, power, freedom and vulnerability. She teaches from her soul and uses her own yoga practice as guide for her teaching. She is fun, carefree, compassionate and authentic. Gina-Marie shares from her life to deliver truth that will leave you feeling both connected and empowered. Her commitment is to provide a powerful practice that will heal and connect each student to their best self over and over again.

About Gina-Marie

Gina-Marie is a 500 hr yoga teacher. She completed both her 200 hr and 300 hr trainings at BIG! She is a member of the BIG Internship Feedback Team and supports our new teachers in their growth and development. Gina-Marie is the owner of The Tiny Studio, a performing arts studio in Houston that offers voice and acting lessons. Gina-Marie holds her Bachelor's of Music in Musical Theatre and her Master's in Music Education. She also is the co-creator of the She.Inspires podcast and Love Your Belly Movement with her best friend, Hailley Wollak!

What Gina-Marie's Students Say

Love GM! Always authentic. Always a great challenging class. Brings joy and grace.

- Lisa D.

When they write the history of Big Power Yoga Gina-Marie's 'The Chain'- through the wheel sequence is going to be like Barton Hall 1977 was for Grateful Dead fans. A high water mark!

- Tom O.

Gina-Marie has the best music at Big Power Yoga. It is exactly what a 'jams' class should be. You should go to her class. Gina-Marie's music makes it all worth it.

- Joseph M.

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