Eliza Ogasawara

Houston - Montrose

Who Eliza Is For You

Eliza provides intentional cueing that makes a difference in every body, while generating heat to create a sweaty and disciplined practice for everyone. She generates this because she lives it from her own personal practice. Eliza always stays present in the room, breathing along with her students, and gives them a safe space to experience their practice in their own way. This safe space is generated from her grounding energy, which puts people at ease. You will leave with a new found discovery of how to care for your body and feeling more like yourself than when you walked in.

About Eliza

Eliza graduated TEP 8.0 in July 2016, and since then, has looked for ways to continue her yoga education. She has been a 40 days Team Leader, successfully completed her own 40 days for more times than she can keep count, completed Lightyear Level 1 (twice!) and Level 2, graduated from the BIG Upgrade 300hr training, and assisted five TEPS (4 of which she co-led the assisting team). All this training has facilitated Eliza to show up BIG in her full time job as a CPA (certified in both Indiana & Texas) for an accounting firm. Her job as a CPA allows Eliza to practice the skills of being precise, essential, efficient, and thorough, which comes into play as her role as a yoga teacher as well.

What Eliza's Students Say

With her perfectly timed transitions and Flow Jams playlists that you’ll want to download after, Eliza’s yoga practices will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer the rest of your day. Eliza often starts her classes by sharing how she is using her yoga practice to influence her life off the mat. Whether it is overcoming a conflict or just being grateful for the present moment, these are always both relatable and practical. During the practice itself, she will make you feel comfortable as she walks you through the poses step by step, encouraging you to use your breathe to create ease and find balance. I always leave her classes feeling relaxed and with a sense of both mental and physical accomplishment which is difficult to attain elsewhere.

- Will W.

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