Angie Currell

Houston - Montrose

Who Angie Is For You

Angie is committed to every student feeling like the most authentic, free version of themselves. This is encouraged by her giving them space to explore the poses and what feels best in their own bodies, creative sequencing, and playing music that is fun to move to. Angie teaches in a way that is true to her, making the challenge of the practice something that is totally accessible while leaving breadcrumbs of possibility sprinkled throughout.

About Angie

Angie has been teaching at BIG for over 5 years. She participated in TEP 3.0, graduating in 2013, and soon after enrolled in Baptiste Art of Assisting and SUP Yoga teacher training. She was the director of the BIG SUP Yoga program, teaching classes and leading teacher trainings through 2018. In 2019 she completed the BIG Upgrade 500 hr advanced teacher training. Angie believes studentship is the key to growing as a powerful teacher.

What Angie's Students Say

For the past three years Angie Currell has been my very favorite yoga teacher. She puts together a creative flow that is challenging and well thought out. Angie's ability to combine her lightness of spirit with the depth of her yoga knowledge results in a class that leaves you emotionally buoyant and physically rinsed. She has pushed me to deepen my practice on and off the mat, and her encouragement has allowed me to try poses that I felt were impossible for me. Angie creates fantastic playlists that work well with the pace of the class without overpowering it. Her sparkly demeanor is contagious and leaves students feeling uplifted and inspired.

- Anonymous

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