Nathan Herrington

Houston - Memorial

Who Nathan Is For You

Nathan commits to being a stand for my students and for them living their biggest and best lives possible. He commits to meeting his students where they are and empowering them to step into their next edge. He commits to being loving, courageous and generous in the name of his students having the most powerful experience possible.

About Nathan

Nathan first discovered yoga 20 years ago, and when he found Baptiste yoga in March of 2013, his interest and enthusiasm for yoga exploded! He became an RYT 200 certified teacher through BIG’s Teacher Empowerment Program in the Fall of 2013. Prior to coming to BIG, Nathan taught kindergarten as well as English as a Second Language to children and adults, and led transformational leadership programs. He works full time for BIG as the Head of Team Development and the 40 Days Program Manager, having led the BIG Team in delivering the program to over 10,000 people.

What Nathan's Students Say

I have so many wonderful things to say about Nathan. I’ve been a BIG yogi for 4 years and Nathan has been instrumental from the beginning in guiding me to create a lifelong practice for myself. One of the most powerful ways a teacher can impact a student is to show a student what he/she is capable of. In this practice, it’s all about what I am capable of right now in this moment that creates the future that I want. His instructions are clear and precise yet fun and playful. It keeps me coming back. The other aspect that keeps me coming back is that with Nathan, each time he sees me, we connect - even for a few brief minutes before or after the practice, the connection is authentic and real. He sees me. In turn, I see myself without judgement and with much forgiveness. I am truly thankful our paths have crossed.

- Julie V.

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